My name is Jonathan Keck. I teach in the Social Science department, in which I serve as chair, and in the World Language department. In addition, I am the Coordinator of Classroom Technology at Aquinas High School.

I have devoted the last 14 years to the study of Ancient and Medieval European and Near Eastern cultural history and religions. In that time, I  earned a B.A. in European History and a M.A. in Ancient and Medieval History. I continue to research and write on syncretic cultural and religious interactions.

While cultural history and religion remain my primary passions, teaching in a 21st century context has become an issue of primary concern. I have contributed in the implementation of and the ongoing development in best pedagogical practices at Aquinas High School’s iPad 1:1 program.

As a teacher and instruction coordinator, I am currently exploring student led learning, problem- and challenge-based learning, and technology-driven research and choice.

I am currently teaching AP Human Geography, AP World History, AP Art History, Honors Philosophy, Honors Latin I, Honors Latin II, and Honors Latin III, and AP Latin